Lathrop — Verzi Wedding

Brian and John had been committed to each other for nearly 20 years when they decided to get married.  Many things have changed in the United States since Brian and John decided to become a committed, monogamous couple.  For one, the state of New York granted through legislation marriage equality to same-sex couples in 2011.  Both John and Brian agreed that the one thing more they could do to honor the depth of their commitment and love was to get married legally.  They asked me to photograph the event and I immediately accepted the honor.

Brian and John had an intimate wedding the last week of October at the Alger House in the West Village.  It was a wonderful event, full of love and celebration.  I noticed two things as I photographed throughout the night.  First, Brian and John truly love each other deeply.  Second, all the people present appreciated and understood that love, and all seemed truly happy to be part of such a wedding.  I’ve added a few photographs from the wedding in Brian and John’s honor.  I hope my photographs honor what I witnessed.  And I thank them for choosing me to be a part of such an important moment of their relationship.

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Special thanks to Lisa Brown for helping me out too.  It was a pleasure working with you, Lisa.